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Thanks a lot guys. I am freak-in' pizzaing out over here.  Just ordered the new mixer.  I got a DLX because I  blew the motor in my Kitchen Aid ultra power.  I have some crazy science project living in my fridge, and I am about to order a bag of flour from Italy bigger than my freezer.  There are #10 cans from four different brands of tomatoes in every nook and cranny of this place.  The fridge is filled with things I had to pay shipping charges for.  Do I still have a wife???????????  oh,  she is hidden behind the proofing box over there. She keeps mentioning something about needing a much bigger apartment. Cant forget about the fact that I want to buy a kitchen aid oven even though I am not a homeowner.  Maybe I should just chain a Green Egg smoker with the pizza stone attachment to the sidewalk in front of my apartment. Lately I have even been thinking about changing professions.

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Well I just bought this beauty at an auction:


And now I'm looking at an auction next week that has a 20-quart and a 30-quart Hobart mixers for sale...

My wife is thrilled.
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scott r,
You just wrote about what most members feel like on a daily basis. Addicting hobby isn't it. And one that could be scaled into a profession under the right circumstances.

If I could figure out how to educate the Tampa market on artisan pie (i.e, charge ~$18 for a 16" ultra high end ingredient pie), I would open up a small shop dedicated to 2nd generation American pizza in a heart beat.

Just not sure if I want to be married to the oven though...
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LOL...  Once you get the steps down it gets easier.  But it takes a lot to get good at anything, I guess.

pft, I'm convinced a great pizza joint would flop in Atlanta. They just don't get it. There was a bertucci's here, which was really quite good, but they closed. A great place might succeed, but only if they did it for the regular reasons, good location with a lot of traffic, etc.

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Pizza wise, Tampa is probably more like Atlanta than I would like it to be. Nonetheless, when the next big fat check comes my way, I will temped to find that "perfect" location which balances the right demographics, traffic, and willingness to support an artisan shop serving just pie, beverages, and dessert.
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I have owned a very successful good ingredient ice cream business for many years.
I have been thinking about opening a small, good ingredient pizza place here in NJ.  I have been making pizzas for a while now. It's amazing that the pizza places that I once thought of as very good aren't that good after all.
    This is an affuent area that would support world class pizza.  My idea would be to keep it simple.  Just a few pizzas, no toppings, maybe a salad.   only open on week ends.  I would want it to be special.
       Or, I have a buddy that wants to open a brew pub.  How bout great beer with great pizza?  I think its an awesome combination.
 I am thinking about buying a small commercial brick wood fired oven for my house so I can begin refining my pizza making techniques.  Any suggestions on what oven to buy?  James from Fortuno Bravo seems like his heart is in the right place.  Could be a good reason to go to California to take  a look at the ovens.

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For pizza must be a neapolitan oven. High domed oven do not cook pizza in the same way. They burn the bottom before the pizza top is cook...

give a look also at

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Scott R,
What a great post.  I got plenty of chuckles out of that one pal.  We've all been there before, but you put it into words in a great, and quite humorous way.  NICE!!

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it's good to know i can relate to others out there.

just last week i ordered 6 sticks of ezzo pepperoni for the first time thinking they would be the same size as the small sticks at the local grocery store.. i needed them quick so i got 2 day shipping and didnt even bother to ask the cost thinking the small sticks wouldnt be too much.

$40 dollars in shipping and 6 sticks the length of my 60 pound dog later (see pic below).. i had to convince my wife i hadnt gone mad. I have enough pepperoni for the next half year.

she's not the only one who thinks im a bit over the edge hehe. Not much space left in my cupboards or freezer for ingredients these days.

heres a pic for laughs: