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« on: May 10, 2011, 03:13:37 PM »
All new users must post a brief introduction topic before being granted full access to the forum (this includes the ability to post messages elsewhere on the forum, send personal messages, edit your profile, etc.).

To introduce yourself, please click the NEW TOPIC button in the New Forum Members board (or simply click HERE). In your introductory message, please include such things as your first name (or nickname), the region where you live, your interest in pizza, and anything else that you'd like to share with everyone here (remember, this is a public forum).

Requiring an introduction serves two purposes: It allows everyone to meet you, and it helps weed out spammers, spambots, and other undesirables.

Thanks, enjoy the forum!

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« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2012, 07:29:01 AM »
In addition to what Steve has said, before entering the active part of the forum, new members may find it very helpful to review the forum's Pizza Glossary at That glossary contains many of the terms that are used on the forum and may answer many of the basic questions that new members might have. New members, and especially those new to pizza making, may also find it helpful to review some of the common abbreviations used on the forum. Those abbreviations are set forth in the "sticky" at,20056.msg196875.html#msg196875. There is also a Newbies Topics board at,39.0.html that contains information that might be useful to new members.

There are also two very useful search features on the forum. One is a custom Google Search feature that can be accessed at the bottom of the main page of the forum at That search feature can be used just like any other Google search.

The second search feature is the "Advanced search" feature that expands upon the basic search feature that can be accessed at the top of any page of the forum. To better understand how best to use the Advanced search feature, see the "sticky" thread at,3101.msg26282.html#msg26282.

Using the forum's search features will usually answer many of the questions that new members may have, so it is recommended that new members use those search features, as well as well known search engines (like Google) if needed, before posing any remaining unanswered questions to the membership. We recognize that new members may not be able to find everything they are looking for using the above tools but using them might help new members better phrase or compose their questions or requests for help. I suggest that new members pose their questions and requests for help in the main part of the forum rather than in their introductory posts, which are best reserved for introducing the members to the rest of the membership.

New members should also refrain from posting ads in any form, including through the use of links, in their introductory posts or in subsequent posts. Only Supporting Members (through their donations) are allowed to post ads on the forum for viewing by the members and, even then, only on the Advertisements board.