Author Topic: I am getting tired of being derailed  (Read 2833 times)

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Re: I am getting tired of being derailed
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I haven't been on the forums for a couple of months and was so sad to see this happen...Unfortunately, it was going to come and its all because of Federal takeover of education in the USA.  To shut down something that works because its not in the nationalized educational indoctrination program of the Common Core program (and the first lady's mandate on the control of food for students) is insanity at its finest.  Children are not factory products!

we really wish you the best in figuring out your exit plan.  Doing something simple and sweet for your adopted daughter is also inspiring.  You have a good heart, keep your chin up, we're rooting for you!


Thanks for the kind words.  A big problem is I use to have the same group of kids all day long.  We did a full days work and they were able to get hired in real jobs.  Now the kids come in for a period, leave for a period or 2/3, come back for one more,....   I can't get a groove going that way and when they go out to these watered down to 2-3rd grade level academic classes they get in trouble.  I have lost 1/4 of my crew so far to arrest, drop out, and we are only 1/4 of the way through the year.  When I have them all day they never get in trouble but this is the new way of things.  For 22 years I have fed the staff a full scratch made turkey dinner wit all the fixings/deserts the week of Thanksgiving.  This year I don't have enough kids to pull it off so I am not doing it.   I am trying to enjoy these days but it is not easy.   Walter