Author Topic: Mellow Mushroom Pizza found in Atlanta and surroundin areas...Recipes?  (Read 255796 times)

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Re: Mellow Mushroom Pizza found in Atlanta and surroundin areas...Recipes?
« Reply #2150 on: December 08, 2015, 12:34:30 PM »
There is a mellow mushroom in my area. I'll go and see if it is about that life.

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Re: Mellow Mushroom Pizza found in Atlanta and surroundin areas...Recipes?
« Reply #2151 on: January 05, 2016, 03:46:27 PM »

I'm coming into this thread REALLY late, but after looking at the different formulations and examples, I'm really excited to give things a try.  I noticed that Peter came up with MM#7 a while back:


In order to keep the variables under control, for the next dough formulation for you to try I suggest that you use the Golden Barrel Supreme Baking Molasses again. I also propose to decrease the amount of salt to 1.50%, just as I did for my last MM clone dough formulation. For the flour, you should try the Pendleton Power flour. With the foregoing changes, the MM clone dough formulation (MM#7) looks like this:

MM#7-Golden Barrel Supreme Baking Molasses MM Clone Dough Formulation With Pendleton Power Flour
Pendleton Power Flour (100%):
Water (Spring Water) (51%):
IDY (0.60%):
Salt (Table Salt) (1.50%):
Vegetable (Soybean) Oil (2.46%):
Golden Barrel Supreme Baking Molasses (11.5%):
Total (167.06%):
314.69 g  |  11.1 oz | 0.69 lbs
160.49 g  |  5.66 oz | 0.35 lbs
1.89 g | 0.07 oz | 0 lbs | 0.63 tsp | 0.21 tbsp
4.72 g | 0.17 oz | 0.01 lbs | 0.85 tsp | 0.28 tbsp
7.74 g | 0.27 oz | 0.02 lbs | 1.7 tsp | 0.57 tbsp
36.19 g | 1.28 oz | 0.08 lbs | 5.43 tsp | 1.81 tbsp
525.72 g | 18.54 oz | 1.16 lbs | TF = 0.1204643
Note: Dough is for a single 14” pizza; nominal thickness factor = 0.118684; “adjusted” hydration = 53.3%; “effective” hydration = 55.8%; bowl residue compensation = 1.5%


I've got Power Flour readily available to me.  From those who have attempted MM#7, is that still the best formulation for that flour, or have there been any new discoveries that I should try?  I noticed in later posts that a Steen's/Grandma's Molasses Blend was used.  I'm not sure if either of those are available to me locally, but I'm pretty sure both are available on Amazon.  I guess what I'm asking, is if there are any updates I should include with MM#7, or should I just stick with the formulation as is?

I just know that the examples from Norma and others look amazing, and I can't wait to give some a try!!!

Thank you to those that have done all the legwork in this thread!!

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Re: Mellow Mushroom Pizza found in Atlanta and surroundin areas...Recipes?
« Reply #2152 on: January 06, 2016, 10:09:57 AM »

As I noted at the bottom of Reply 2123 at, each MM clone dough formulation pretty much stands on its own because of the type and brand of flour used and the type and brand of molasses used. The reality is that we don't know exactly what MM is doing as to the selection and sourcing of these ingredients. You can get a better feel for how the numbers can change depending on the flour and molasses, or molasses blend, used, see the MM clone dough formulations set forth at Reply 2123 referenced above and at Reply 2110 at In both cases, I tried to match the formulations to the nutrition information given at the MM website. Changing either the type or brand of flour or molasses (or molasses blend) would mean a different set of numbers to match the MM nutrition information.

In your case, with the Power flour, you might try the MM clone dough formulation set forth at Reply 2110 cited above because the Power flour has an above average rated absorption value for a high gluten flour, and it might benefit from the higher hydration value called for in Reply 2110. Also, you won't have to hunt down molasses products that are not available on most supermarket shelves. The Grandma's molasses, while not perfect for crust coloration purposes, is perhaps good enough for your purposes and is available just about everywhere.

To the above, I would add that there is nothing wrong with trying the MM#7 formulation. However, it calls for a specific type and brand of molasses--the Golden Barrel Supreme Baking Molasses--that may be hard to find in supermarkets.

I do not believe that any member has tried and posted results using the two formulations referenced above. But it would be nice to see either of the formulations leads to improved results based on their matches to the MM nutrition information. Even then, the matches might not be perfect because a home oven is not the equal of a commercial oven.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.