Author Topic: hi, new to the forum. would appreciate guidance re bakerspride and bakepartner  (Read 330 times)

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i would like a high temp home electric pizza oven. I cranked my home electric up past 800 ala varasano, and got some amazing results, but it scared the crap out of me, so i put the oven back to normal. But i guess not too surprisingly I have not been able to get anywhere near that great flavor now that i am cooking at 550.

Bakepartner has a home oven that goes up to 932F, the PM 451ED-1 with the high temp option:

<hyperlink deleted since i am not allowed to post it on this site.. awesome>

and bakerspride has this one that goes up to 800F:

<hyperlink deleted since i am not allowed to post it on this site.. awesome>

I dont know if there any other high temperature home electric pizza ovens, or if these are the only two. I think i will define high temp as over 700 degrees.

I have seen a post by scott123 warning against getting the bakepartner, i think because of the lame electric element. I will find out if the high temp version has a better element. If it does have a good electric element, then which is the better choice. The bakepartner only has a .8 inch stone. The bakerspride has 1".
The bake partner has 5.42 kw, and the bakerspride has

I am also considering the bakepartner PM721, which is more comparable to the bakerspride 3836 in price and abilities (both about 6 to 7 thousand dollars, whereas the 451ED-1 is $3240 + $780 for the stand):

<hyperlink deleted since i am not allowed to post it on this site.. awesome>

But the PM721 is not a countertop model and so they said it is not UL certified for home use. The countertop versions like the 451ED-1 are only now finishing home UL certification. All the information is according to christer at bakepartner.

I am guessing if i got with the bakers pride that i will not miss the extra 132 degrees, but who knows, mabe there is some better taste to be found at those temps.. it would nice to have the ability to experiment up there.. and of course it would be neapolitan-ish.

thanks for any tips - makr

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Introductory posts are for the purpose of new members introducing themselves to the rest of the members. Since many members do not read introductory posts, you might want to post your comments and questions in a thread in the main part of the forum where you are more likely to get replies. That way, useful information doesn't end up being buried in introductory posts.