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Common Abbreviations Used on the Forum
« on: July 17, 2012, 10:45:51 AM »
The following is a list of some common abbreviations that are frequently used on this forum, including many slang expressions. Since this thread is locked, members should feel free to send me PMs (personal/private messages) if they feel that other abbreviations and their meanings should be added to the following list.

00: 00 flour (a finely milled Italian flour used for making Neapolitan style pizzas)
6-in-1s or 6 IN 1, or similar designations: A brand of fresh-pack tomato products from Escalon Premier Brands

addy: Slang for address
ADM: Archer Daniels Midland, a commodities ingredients producer
ADY: Active dry yeast
AIB: American Institute of Baking (a technical organization that serves the baking industry)
AFAIK: As far as I know
AKA/aka: Also known as
AOTBE: All other things being equal
AP or APF: All-purpose (flour)
ASAP: As soon as possible
AT: All Trumps (a high-gluten flour); also, ambient temperature
ATK: America's Test Kitchen (a PBS television program)
AV: Absorption value (a technical measurement used by the flour milling industry to refer to the absorption characteristics of a given flour)

BBA: Bread Baker's Apprentice (a well-known bread book by Peter Reinhart)
BC or B/C: Because
BF: Bread flour; also boyfriend
BFB or BforB or B4B: Better for Bread (flour)
BGD: Biochemical gluten development
BGE: Big Green Egg (a well-known commercial ceramic kamodo-style outdoor cooker)
BH: Boar's Head Provision Company, a supplier of deli meats and cheeses
BIL: Brother-in-law
BL: bleached
BP: Bakers Pride (a commercial brand of pizza oven); also, Baker's Percent
BR: bromated
BRC: Bowl Residue Compensation (a number used in the dough calculating tools to compensate for  minor dough losses during the preparation of the dough)
BS: Black Stone, also spelled as Blackstone (a popular home patio oven); also blue steel (a type of pan), and baking soda
BSM: Bay State Milling (a flour milling company)
BT: Bacillis Thuringiensis (a live bacteria used to kill pests such as hornworms and fruitworms on growing vegetable plants)
BTB: The forum name of a member best known for his deep-dish pizza recipes
BTU: British Thermal Unit (a unit of energy)
BTW: By the way
Bx: Brix (a measure of the solids in a product, such as canned tomatoes)

C: Celsius
CCW: Counterclockwise
CF: Cold ferment or cold fermentation
CI: Cook's Illustrated (a food magazine); also, cast iron
CFO: Coal fired oven
CL: Craigslist (an online source of local classified ads)
cm: centimeter
CM: Central Milling (a specialty miller); or Chicago Metallic (a manufacturer of pans and other baking products)
CPK: California Pizza Kitchen
CR: Il Cane Rosso (a highly regarded Dallas pizzeria specializing in the Neapolitan style of pizza)
CS: Customer service
cuft: cubic feet
CW: Clockwise
CY: Cake yeast (also known as fresh, compressed or wet yeast)

DB: Dough ball
DBA: Doing business as
DC: Diamond Crystal (a brand of Kosher salt)
DD: Deep-dish (a Chicago style pizza); also “due diligence”
DDD or Triple D: Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (a Food Network series starring Guy Fieri)
DH: Dear husband or dear hubby
DYI: Do it yourself
DM: Da Michele (a famous Neapolitan pizzeria)
DOA: Dead on arrival
D.O.C./DOC: Denominazione di Origine Controllata ("controlled designation of origin" assurance label for food products)
D.O.P./DOP: An abbreviation for Denominazione d’Origine Protetta, or “denomination of protected origin” (a mark created to promote the authenticity and artisan characteristics of certain food and agricultural products)
DSPC or DPC: Detroit Style Pizza Co. (a Detroit-area pizzeria and seller of pizza pans, etc.)
DS: Detroit Style
DW: Dear wife

E&P: ends and pieces
EVO or EVOO: Extra-virgin olive oil

F: Fahrenheit
FB: Forno Bravo (an oven manufacturer); also Facebook
FDA: Food and Drug Administration
FDL: fior di latte (a fresh cow's milk mozzarella cheese)
FDT: Finished dough temperature
FF: Friction factor (a number associated with mixers and related to a mixer’s capacity to heat dough during mixing and kneading)
FGM: Four Grand Mere (a brand/model of wood-fired oven)
FIL: Father-in-law
FP: Food processor
FS: Foodservice/Food Service; also Full Strength, a high protein flour from General Mills
FSA: Food Services of America (a large foodservice distributor)
FW: Flour and water
FWIW: For what it's worth
FYI: For your information

g: grams
GA: Gianni Acunto (an Italian oven manufacturer)
gal: gallon
GBD: Golden brown delicious
GF: Gluten free; also girlfriend
GFS: Gordon Food Services (a foodservice/distributor of food products and related items)
GM: General Mills, or Gold Medal (a retail flour)
GMBFB: General Mills Better for Bread flour
GMO: Genetically modified organism
GP: Grana padano (an Italian grating cheese)
GV: Great Value (a house brand used by WalMart)

H: Hour(s), or hydration
HD: hydration
HFCS: high fructose corn syrup
HG: High gluten (used in relation to dough)
HGF: High gluten flour
H&R: Hotel and restaurant (used in relation to a basic all-purpose flour as commonly used by hotels and restaurants)
HH: Hungry Howie's (a pizza chain)
HK: Harvest King (a flour from General Mills, now known as Better for Bread flour)
HR: Hydration ratio (a percent of water used in making a dough)
HT: Harris Teeter (a regional supermarket chain)
HTH: Hope this helps

I: Ischia (an Italian sourdough culture)
IDK: I don't know
IDY: Instant dry yeast
IE or I.E.: Internet Explorer (a Microsoft browser)
IIRC: If I recall correctly
IMO: In my opinion
IMHO: In my humble opinion
IOW: In other words
IR: Infrared (electromagnetic radiation with longer wavelengths than those of visible light; commonly used in relation to an "infrared" thermometer)
IT: Information technology

japs: Jalapeños
JK or J/K: Just kidding
JT: A popular member who goes by the name Jackie Tran

KA: King Arthur (a supplier of baking products), or KitchenAid (a brand of mixers)
KAAP: King Arthur all-purpose [flour]
KABF: King Arthur bread flour
KAOAP: King Arthur Organic All-Purpose flour
KASG: King Arthur Sir Galahad [flour]
KASL: King Arthur Sir Lancelot [flour]
KCBS: Kansas City Barbeque Society
KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid (a humorous phrase)

LAB: Lactic Acid Bacteria
lb: pound
L&B: L&B Spumoni Gardens (a well-known NYC pizzeria specializing in Sicilian style pizzas)
LBE: Little Black Egg (an inexpensive, home-made portable outdoor pizza oven)
LC: Little Caesars
LDM: Low diastatic malt
LED: Light emitting diode
LES: Lower East Side (lower Manhattan, NYC)
LM: Low moisture [mozzarella], or levito madre (sourdough)
LMB: Lazy Man’s Bread (a bread popularized by member Jackie Tran/
LMM: Low moisture mozzarella
LMPS: Low moisture part-skim (mozzarella cheese)
LMWM: Low moisture whole milk mozzarella cheese
LN: levito naturale: natural sourdough
LOL: Laughing out loud, or lots of laughs
LP: Liquefied petroleum or propane [gas]

MA: Mario Acunto (an Italian oven manufacturer)
MAE or MWAE: Microwave Assisted Extraction
MB: A deck oven made by Marsal
MBE: Mini Black Egg (a smaller version of the LBE)
MDF: Medium Density Fiberboard (a material that can be used to make a peel)
MFB: Made For Baking (a commercial shortening baking product)
MHO: My honest opinion
MIL: Mother-in-law
ml: milliliter
M&M: Mack & Manco (a New Jersey boardwalk pizza shop, now called Manco & Manco)
MM: Mellow Mushroom (a pizza chain)
Mod/Mods: Moderator/Moderators
mod/mods: modification/modifications
mwfo/MWFO: Mobile wood fired oven
MPO: Mobile pizza oven; also Mighty Pizza Oven (a pizza oven insert for outdoor grills)
MS: Microsoft
MSG: Monosodium glutamate

Neo: Neapolitan
NEPA: Northeast Pennsylvania (the home of Old Forge pizza)
NF: non-fat (as in non-fat dry milk)
NG: Natural gas
NH: New Haven
NP: Neapolitan
NSF: National Science Foundation (a public health organization)
NYT: New York Times

ODK: Outdoor kitchen
OFC: Of course
OO: Olive oil
OMG: Oh my God, or Oh my goodness, or Oh my gosh
OP: Original poster or original post
OS: Oven spring
OT: Off topic
OTOH: On the other hand
oz: ounce

parm: Parmesan
PennMac: Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. (a supplier of pizza ingredients and other food products and items)
PF/PFM: Pendleton Flour/Pendleton Flour Mills (a flour miller)
PG: Papa Gino’s or Paulie Gee's (a NYC pizza operator); also, personal guarantee (as in a lease arrangement)
PH: Pizza Hut
PID: Proportional-integral-derivative or Proportional-integral-differential (a controller)
PITA: Pain in the @ss
PJ: Papa John’s
PL: Private label
PLS: Please
PM: Personal/private message
PMO: Pepperoni, mushroom and onion (topping combination)
PMQ: Pizza Magazine Quarterly (a well known pizza trade magazine)
PMQ TT: PMQ Think Tank (a forum for pizza professionals)
PP: Pizza Party (an Italian pizza oven)
PPB: Perfect Pizza Blend (a King Arthur flour)
PPL: People
PPM: Parts per million
PQ: Pizza Quest (a Peter Reinhart blog website)
PR: Parmigiano-Reggiano (a famous Italian grating cheese); also, Peter Reinhart (a cookbook author, instructor and pizzeria owner)
psi: pounds per square inch
PS/LM or PSLM: Part skim low moisture mozzzarella cheese
PVC: Polyvinyl chloride (a plastic material)

QC: quality control
Q.E.D.: Quod Erat Demonstrandum (Latin: Which Was to Be Demonstrated)
qt: quart

refer: refrigerator
RO: Reverse osmosis (a water filtration method)
RD/RDP: Restaurant Depot (a supplier of food and other items to the restaurant trade)
RIP: Rest in peace
ROTFL: Rolling on the flour laughing
RPG: Rotisserie Pizza Grill
RSS: Really Simple Syndication (an XML-based format for sharing and distributing Web content)
RT: Room temperature; also, Round Table (a pizza chain)

S&F or S/F: Stretch and fold (a stretching and folding technique originating with the art of making artisan breads); also, Smart & Final (a warehouse grocery supplier)
s and m: Sausage and mushroom
s&p: salt and pepper
SCHG: Sam's Club High Gluten
SD: Sourdough
SDS: Sourdough starter
SF: Stefano Ferrara (an Italian oven manufacturer)
SFBI: a culinary and teaching institute in San Francisco devoted to baking and related matters
SWMBO: She who must be obeyed
SIL: Sister-in-law
SL: Sir Lancelot (a high-gluten flour from King Arthur, also called KASL)
SOP: standard operating procedure
SM: San Marzano (an imported Italian tomato grown in the vesuvial deposits near Naples)
ss/SS: stainless steel
STAT: A common medical abbreviation for urgent or rush. From the Latin word statum, meaning 'immediately'
SV: Sous vide (a method of cooking food sealed in airtight plastic bags in a water bath for prolonged periods)

t: teaspoon
T: Tablespoon
T&C: thin and crispy
TBD: To be determined
TBH: To be honest
TBHQ: Tertiary Butylhydroquinone (a preservative)
TF: Thickness factor (a number relating to the thicknesses and sizes of pizza crusts, also called a density loading factor)
TGIF: Thank God it's Friday
THX/thx: Thanks
TIA: Thanks in advance
TJ/TJ's: Trader Joe/Trader Joe's (a specialty food retailer)
tkx: Thanks
TL: Tom Lehmann (a pizza expert, consultant and writer)
TLA: Three letter acronym
TM: Tomato Magic (a Stanislaus canned tomato product)
TY/ty: Thank you

UL: Underwriters Laboratories (a product safety and certification organization)
UPN: Una Pizza Napoletana (a famous San Francisco pizzeria owned and run by Anthony Mangieri)
UQT: unglazed quarry tile

VPN: Vera Pizza Napoletana (a non-profit international organization established to promote Neapolitan pizza; also, a designation that pizzas produced by VPN members comply with specific standards established by the VPN organization for Neapolitan pizzas)
VWG: Vital wheat gluten

WAG: Wild ass guess
WF: Whole Foods (a high-end specialty and organic foods retailer)
WFO: Wood-fired oven
WM: Whole milk (mozzarella cheese); also, WalMart
WMLM: Whole milk low moisture mozzarella cheese
WMM: Whole milk mozzarella
w/o: without
WP: Williamsburg Pizza (a NY style pizzeria with locations in Brooklyn and lower Manhattan); or whole peeled
WTG: Way to go
WW: Whole wheat, or Weight Watchers
WWW: White whole wheat

XFS: Extra fine semolina
XL: Extra Large

YMMV: Your mileage may vary
y.o.: year old (e.g., six year old)
YRMV: Your results may vary
YT: You Tube