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Pizza using Lloyd pans
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:46:02 AM »
This is my go to recipe for pizza dough that can be used the next day or frozen for any time later. Frozen dough will work as well as fresh in my experience as long as it's pulled out the night before and placed in the refrigerator. In Thailand for some reason the refrigerators operate around 35-40 degrees. I don't care if it's a cheap model or an Electrolux high end. In Bangkok or up-country. The following day if you have time do a re-ball, if not just open the dough out right from the fridge or let it sit at 75-80 degrees for 10-20 min., it acts about the same.
     Bread Flour 1400g                 100%
     Water  910g                 65%
     ADY     5.6g                .4 %
     Salt      28g                 2.0%
     EVOO   42g                  3.0%
     LDMP    14g                 1.0%

I like using semolina in my dough so it is common for me to replace 10 to 15% of the flour with Semolina. Occasionally we will also mix the Bread Flour with "00" Flour. There is Gold Medal better for bread flour available at retail in Bangkok and if we use the Thailand grade UFC bread flour it works just as well.

The dough is also made using a poolish with 15% of the flour and 15% of the water.
You can replace the poolish with 200g of 100% sourdough starter.
The dough mix will always be allowed an autolease when the Semolina is used in the dough.

After the dough mix the dough is rested for 30 min. and the balled into 350g dough balls slightly oiled and put into quart size ziplock bags.

The dough when opened is put into a 12" perforated Lloyd pan and proved a little with a canola spray on top. The pans are stackable so 7 can be opened at one time and left for a few hours or baked now.

I have used 4 different ovens to make this style of pizza and 500 degrees F is the normal oven temp. With one Thailand oven we bake at 600 degrees F for a quicker result and crispier bottom.

The pans are covered with a lid when first put in the oven and checked after 6 min. to allow the top to firm up. The lids allow for a longer bake and the crisp bottom. Almost like a bar pie that Adam Kuban is making at his pop-ups in Brooklyn, NY