Author Topic: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza  (Read 489 times)

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Re: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza
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I'm not sure what you were planning to say in the incomplete last sentence of your post, but the specs for the All Aces flour can be seen at That flour is a step up from an all-purpose flour from a protein standpoint (it is 12%), but less than the KAAP (or its commercial counterpart), which has a protein content of 11.7%. But the Aces flour is bleached and bromated, malted, and has the full vitamin and iron enrichment package, not just the folic acid as is apparently the case at Casey's if the ingredients list is correct and complete. For your purposes, I wouldn't worry about the enrichment of the flour you used. In that vein, GM has several bleached, bromated, malted and enriched flours that can conceivably work for a Casey's clone. You can see the full array of GM flours at


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Re: Attempt at making "Casey's General Store" gas station pizza
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Peter.  My apologies. I realize that what I posted was not only an incomplete sentence, but not even a fully formed thought.  I have since edited my post.  I was actually at the site of the link you posted while researching flours.  I clicked on the first one on the page, the all aces flour, and the first thing that popped out at me was the fact that the word protein was misspelled.  The quote from you, is from the post about the word potassium being misspelled.   
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