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Hello All!
« on: January 16, 2013, 10:00:23 AM »
My name is Mark.  Been cooking pizza for quite a while with mixed (mediocre to disaster) results.  Just got the Brookstone dual oven from ebay for a song.  I was attracted to it because of the 800 degree claim.  I have read the posts on this site about that oven.  I'll be trying it this weekend.

I love pizza... thick, thin, round, square, frozen, leftover, whatever!  One of my favorite pizza's is from the Pizza Wagon in Smock, PA.  724-677-4505.  It's one of those local, non traditional pies that you absolutely can't get anywhere else.  It's the southwestern PA counter to Victory Pig Pizza in northwest PA. 

My ultimate oven would be an outdoor coal fired little gem built by hand.  I'm looking forward to learning from everyone here and maybe making a few friends.