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« on: July 18, 2013, 10:25:14 AM »
i'm a hobbyist pizza maker from albany, ny.

a few years ago i became good friends with the sole chef at a local upstart sourdough/brick oven pizzeria.  their menu was simple, pizzas and salads.  it was the best pizza i've had since visiting rome.

the chef taught me a little about the dough recipe they used, how to make the starter and preferment, etc.  then something terrible happened, the company went under (poorly managed) and my mentor left for NYC to work at a brick oven place down there.  I also got caught up in fixing and selling my house around this time and forgot some of the knowledge i learned.

i'm hoping to learn and share my experiences with everyone else.

my current problem:
i've just switched from using KA-BreadFlour to a mix of 00 and KA-Duram.  I did a 30% Duram and 70% 00 (randomly).  When i went to shape the dough it was so crazy relaxed that it fell down and ripped open when i picked it up to stretch it.  i never had this problem with the bread flour, but it's also been crazy hot in NY these past few weeks.

my current recipe:
20g starter (50% water, 50% flour by weight)
80g flour (30% duram, 70% 00)
80g water
- let sit overnight (at least 12 hours, no more than 16)

add 500g flour (30% duram, 70% 00)
add 300g water
add 1tsp Spice Islands coarse seasalt
- mix in stand mixer with hook until it cleans the sides

i then have been letting it sit for a half hour, dividing in half, balling and throwing into fridge (i just read maybe i should stop it with the half hour sit)
within 3 days pull out an hour or two before baking
shape, put on pizza wheel that has flour and semolina, add crushed tomatoes, cheese and toppings, squirt crust sides with olive oil and sprinkle coarse "everything" salt
bake on pre-heated pizza stone (550F) til done.

i've noticed that the duram/00 mix doesn't seem as crispy/crusty as the bread flour.  it doesn't seem as airy?
i'm making a pizza utility app.  check it out and give suggestions!