Author Topic: FibraMent vs. Cordierite (Engineering Data)  (Read 36839 times)

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Re: FibraMent vs. Cordierite (Engineering Data)
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Re: FibraMent vs. Cordierite (Engineering Data)
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Follow the "Yellow Post Road" bellow.  I will add that I would suggest trying to find silicon carbide that isn't nitride bonded.  It's a very strong material, but the nitride bonding decreases the density.,4215.msg35866.html#msg35866

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Re: FibraMent vs. Cordierite (Engineering Data)
« Reply #22 on: June 18, 2009, 03:50:36 PM »
I wonder if/how you can compare something like Cordierite to a regular fire brick.

I am interested because I know Baker's Pride uses 1.5" Cordierite and Marsal and Sons oven company uses what they say is 2" refractory brick - no details, but for example a standard firebrick is more like 2.33" thick.

I would like to try to understand if its possible the thinner one could be just as equipped to handle a busy period of pizza after pizza being placed on the same part of stone.

For what it's worth, Baker's Pride offers a 2" "fire brick deck" as an upgrade.
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Re: FibraMent vs. Cordierite (Engineering Data)
« Reply #23 on: June 03, 2011, 11:01:35 AM »
2-stone -do yo use fibrament or cordierite?  I'm thinking cordierite.  Does anyone have any data on a soapstone stone?  I'm thinking of getting one of those but it's like $125.00 plus shipping.

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Re: FibraMent vs. Cordierite (Engineering Data)
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For 10 years I used a stone from Williams Sonoma (Corderite?) until it broke.  It was subjected to everything that shouldn't be done to a stone and it held up well and baked bread nicely.  My recently acquired FibraMent D seems to be working quite well, too, although knowledge and experience dictates that it will not be subjected to the negatives that my previous stone was.
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