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Crushed vs Whole Peeled Tomatoes
« on: March 10, 2008, 04:19:32 PM »

I was wondering if anyone knew if using a 28oz can of Whole Peeled tomatoes would lead to a watery sauce.  I use the WP tomatoes for my deep dish sauce recipe and it's really watery.  My NY and Sicilian sauce recipes both call for Crushed tomatoes and I don't notice the sauce being so watery.

I just open the can and dump everything in when using either can.  Should I do something differently when I use the Whole Peeled tomatoes?  Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks from a new guy.
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Re: Crushed vs Whole Peeled Tomatoes
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Remove the whole peeled tomatoes from the can one at a time and squeeze out the water, remove the core and seeds the best you can, break into quarter to half dollar size pieces and place in a colander until finished with all the tomatoes.  Now if your tomatoes are packed in puree, return the tomatoes to the puree.  If the tomatoes are packed in juice, place the hand crushed tomatoes into a mesh strainer and pour the juice over them.  The water will run off and now you'll need to add some puree to the tomatoes to bring it to the consistency you're looking for.  You'll find other ways based on these methods to fine tune to the desired amount of water remaining in your sauce made with whole peeled tomatoes.  FYI, it takes me two 28 oz. cans of tomatoes for a 14" deep dish pizza.

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