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Re: Food Quotes
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When asked by a child why wood burned, Buckminster Fuller explained:

"The tree though its leaves had absorbed the light of the sun and stored it in the trunk as it grew. Then men cut it down, sawed it into logs, and what you see now is sunlight, unwinding from the log."

~ Time Byres quoting Hugh Kenner quoting Fuller

I hear these words when I fire up the WFO or BBQ pit to cook with wood, especially at times like right now when I set logs on fire just as the sun is rising over the Rockies.

That's a powerful statement, energy in = energy out. Very cool.

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Re: Food Quotes
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Re: Food Quotes
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This wisdom of the great Yogi Berra applies so much to making pizza:

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

- Yogi
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