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New York Style / Re: Frank Giaquinto came to my pizza stand today
« Last post by norma427 on Today at 11:07:24 AM »
Awesome stuff.  Loved Frank's technique in the video.  The dough seems to stretch evenly, and doesn't sag.  That's what I remember growing up at the shore.  The best shops had guys that could do that.  What flour and hydration were used for the dough?


Frank is really great in all he knows and can do with dough.  Franks told me yesterday he was visiting Atlantic City, NJ one time and stopped to try a pizzerias pies on the boardwalk.  Frank said the pies did not look too good, but he liked to try other pizzerias pies.  The owner of the pizzeria told Frank they make the best pizzas.  Frank's granddaughter was with him and said to the owner of the pizzeria that Frank (her grandfather) makes the best pizzas.  Frank got talking to the owner then and did end up making many pies at that pizzeria that day.  He taught them a lot about opening dough, tossing and twirling and other things.  Frank told me while he was making the pies he gathered a lot of attention and the pizzeria sold a lot of pies.  Frank said he is still friends with that pizzeria owner and talks to them sometimes.

That dough Frank was tossing was 61% hydration with 1.75 olive oil.  The flour was GM Full Strength.  The dough was a one day cold fermented dough.

Pizza Toppings / Re: What do you think of these toppings
« Last post by stonecutter on Today at 10:56:17 AM »
I'm a goat cheeseaholic, that sounds great.  I'm thinking you have sweetness with the sundried tomatoes, so I don't know if a sweet finishing glaze is going to balance the savory...a little drizzle might be the thing you're looking for.  Pesto has some strong flavor too, so less is more sometimes.
One of my taste testers did like the crisper rim crust and crisper bottom crust but the rest of us like a less crisper rim crust and bottom crust.

These are the photos from the experiment with the KA sourdough starter and IDY.  Some of the photos aren't the best.

The KA starter/IDY dough ball was taken out of the prep fridge at about 1:06 PM to warm up.  The KA starter/IDY was warmed up by about 2:16 PM because it was in the lower 90's inside my stand. 

The dough ball opened up very easily with no tears in the skin.  Even though I opened the KA/IDY the way I normally do the final pizza ended up with a smaller rim after the bake.  I sure don't know why that happened.

The pizza tasted good and did taste like a sourdough pizza, but the sourdough taste really was not sour at all.  The bottom crust and rim crust were crisper than my normal market pizzas.  I sure don't understand why something else happened that I was not expecting.  My regular sauce and cheese did not taste anything like my regular normal boardwalk style pizzas do.  I used the same amounts of cheese and sauce.  My taste testers noticed the same thing.  All my taste testers liked the KA starter/IDY pizza but not as much as my boardwalk style pizzas. 

I don't know what to try next.

Stupid question, but I neglected to note the orientation of the elements... This is not a problem though, right? The wires can go to either terminal?

Yep, it's non-polarized.

Hi guys, I have recently bought the Delizia with round element of  top rated at 600/ 115 volt. I am modifying it heavily and sa far I have done the reflectors, the thermostat and I have added a new rail on the sides that allows me to lift the top up 7 cm from the bottom in order to put a pan and cook food .
What I want to do now is to add a controller to isolate the upper resistance when I want to cook using only the bottom one. My question is, if I just put an on off switch between the cables coming out from the bottom part that connect to the top part, will it be OK? My fear is that the resistance is 115 volt and if I isolate the top, maybe the bottom will get 220 volt.
What do you think?

Hi giol,

Unfortunaly, you can't do that with the Delizia and the heating elements wired in serial, It only works with the Napoli 101ML with 220v heating elements.
Pizza Toppings / Re: What do you think of these toppings
« Last post by najatskitchen on Today at 10:31:57 AM »
The Mediterranean
I thought that too ^^^
Pizza Toppings / Re: What do you think of these toppings
« Last post by Donjo911 on Today at 10:27:14 AM »
The Mediterranean
Pizza Toppings / Re: What do you think of these toppings
« Last post by najatskitchen on Today at 10:26:31 AM »
That's a lot of strong flavors ( I do like all of them ) and toppings for one pizza.  Unless you are willing to omit the olives or the feta,  then I would think that keeping those two ingredients to a minimum will reduce the saltiness.  Maybe even a quick rinse on the olives.

stonecutter:how about using goat cheese instead of feta ? and how about drizzling the baked pizza with some balsamic or pomegranate molasses glaze ?
Chicago Style / Chicago Pizza Crawl
« Last post by Kali on Today at 10:22:58 AM »
We are planning a weekend pizza crawl in Chicago in a few weeks and wanted to get some suggestions on the best pies to try.  We are staying in the Lincoln Park area and have Lou Malnati's on our list.  Not sure what pie to order and welcome suggestions for Lou's and any other suggestions.  Thanks in advance!  All the best!  Kali
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