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Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: last few batches of dough tear easily when opening
« Last post by JD on Today at 05:33:21 PM »
Probably some of the best looking pizza I've seen from the Uuni. What was your bake time on that one?
Do you guys think the 0% fat Greek yogurt is the way to go?  Maybe my dough was too sticky because I was using full fat Greek yogurt.

I think the full fat vs NF certainly would make a difference (haven't tried the FF) but equally, if not more so is that the Fage brand is a much thicker, less moist product. Certainly more expensive than others I looked at and have tried in the past, but very good

New Forum Members / Hello from Naples Florida
« Last post by suerapp on Today at 05:26:03 PM »
Hi all! My husband and I retired and we're busy with new hobbies. We bought a stand mixer and started baking bread and bagels which lead to pizza dough. We made a few in our kitchen oven and they left a lot to be desired. So we decided to buy a pizza oven. We are choosing between a Kettlepizza and a Black Stone. Hope to find the answer here. And some great pizza tips. Thanks
I mixed up another batch and I believe that I under kneaded my batch from the other day.  I ended up using a ratio of yogurt:flour of 3:4. In Baker's percentages, that is 75% yogurt to 100% self rising flour.  Using that ratio, I ended up with a very nice and soft ball of dough (picture attached). I used my food processor for 100% of the kneading. The cold yogurt kept the dough relatively cool.  This Greek yogurt has 14 g of fat per 1 cup serving/227 g.  I am letting it sit for 10 minutes before I roll it out into some flatbread / naan.
I should have written that I want more charring on the bottom, not crisping.
Have taken the yeast back again, used half a teaspoon dry yeast for 1kg dough at 61% hydration, was excellent.  3 day rise seems best too.  Thanks all for the advice.
Pizza Toppings / New Oscar Mayer pepperoni
« Last post by RacerX on Today at 04:59:26 PM »
I tried a new to me, Oscar Mayer classic pepperoni I found at Walmart.  I am guessing it is for deli sandwiches but I used it on my pizza and really liked it.  It is really big slices, I would say they are easily three inches across and they are super thin, like shaved deli meat.  When they cooked they sort of baked into the cheese and sauce and you really could not even see them.  I really liked the taste and sort of crispiness but not crunchy texture.  I paid $2.98 for 4 ounces but just noticed they are rolled back to $1.98 now.

Hearth Ovens / Re: FGM (Four Grand Mere) Fire Management
« Last post by h8stn4d on Today at 04:38:20 PM »
Well, I had grand plans of getting the oven fired up early in the morning and taking it to 850+ core, but plans (and interim vegetable roasting) intervened and I ended up starting the pizzas at about core of 700 and finished with the core. At that temperature, using semolina liberally, I did not have bottoms that were overly burned (although they did char in spots). I also didn't get the leoparding I'd love to see, but I realize that's a function of of heat. I tried to pay attention to time, and certainly by 30-45 seconds, there was no charring on the bottom, which is certainly good. So unless/until I fire again at 800-900 core, I'll use semolina.

As a side note, my current struggles are with dough...I just can't seem to get the elasticity I'm after with dough and I can't quite figure out what variable is causing me heartburn. I also had two batches end up in the trash, which was a bummer. Needless to say, I will have to study the many, many threads on the subject and see where I'm going awry. I'm thinking it might be related to water temp and dough temp post-mixing/kneading, and/or possibly the amount of kneading I'm doing in the KA. I tried to follow Jeff Varasano's methodology (mixing 5+ mins with very wet dough before adding the remaining 20% of the flour) and I wasn't able to get to a .10 thickness factor without having tearing. But I digress, given the title of this thread.

Attached are some pictures of tops and bottoms.

Thanks again to everyone!!

Pizza News / Science proves why pizza is delicious
« Last post by RacerX on Today at 04:31:27 PM »
I just saw this and thought it was interesting.  I apologize if it is a duplicate post.
Ask the Dough Doctor / Re: Kneading All Trumps Flour
« Last post by Dan McDermott on Today at 03:48:41 PM »
Wow! I kneaded my All Trumps dough for about 10 minutes after adding the olive oil. I'll have to experiment some more!
New Forum Members / Re: Hello
« Last post by Pete-zza on Today at 03:33:01 PM »
In part, yes.

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