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Pizza Toppings / Re: Prosciutto Di Parma.
« Last post by Donjo911 on Today at 03:47:56 PM »
I viewed it just after you posted it.  I thought I'd wait to see what others would say first.

I'll just come right out with it:  Jealous of not only the Prosciutto Di Parma whole IN YOUR KITCHEN.  That's awesome in, and of itself.  But sakes man! You have the proper stand/cutter too.  Like I said - jealous. :o
Starters/Sponges / Re: Wild yeast & sourdough
« Last post by Donjo911 on Today at 03:40:26 PM »

 ^^^ JD - you beat me to it! I could not remember the other guy (and I was spelling his handle "asporica" incorrectly) in the advanced search!
This is conversation was fantastic. Deep, heady and provocative - and caused me to have to look up 100 words I did not know and visit websites I never heard of.
Starters/Sponges / Re: Wild yeast & sourdough
« Last post by JD on Today at 03:31:51 PM »
Starters/Sponges / Wild yeast & sourdough
« Last post by reeter on Today at 03:23:12 PM »
I have been told that buying a specific sourdough starter or culture is useless because they always blend with your own wild yeast in your home area.  It sounds logical, can anyone enlighten me as to why it wouldn't mix?   I know anyone can make their own starter from scratch with the local wild yeast?

Most people here don't try to make elaborate sauces for their pizzas like you might see with a spaghetti sauce. It's more about just the tomatoes. Just try those centos you have, crush them up, add a little salt to your liking and you should be good.

The beauty about pizza is that the results are in the skill, not necessarily in the ingredients. I think almost any pizza place will tell you their recipe. Flour/water/salt/yeast/maybe sugar and oil. There is no secret there.
Dough Ingredients / Re: Cold and Warm Fermentation
« Last post by mkevenson on Today at 03:21:53 PM »
You will find a difference of opinion here.  Cold fermentation may allow you to have more grace period as to when you need to use the dough ball.
Some here say cold adversely affects the dough so why do it if you don't have to. I am just starting on my non-fridge fermentation journey, but so far I find nothing objectionable.
Yeast amounts need to be adjusted to length of fermentation and temp dough is held in.

Pizza Ovens / Re: DIY - Tapered Bricks?
« Last post by Twisted Brick on Today at 03:21:05 PM »
Thanks Craig.  It took me awhile to figure out how to get the oven balanced, but the soapstone gets really hot and recharges rather quickly from just the dome flames if I run opposing fires.

Brian, sounds like a great project!  I too went with pavers for my outdoor kitchen and love them.  Once you're done, you'll be kicking yourself for not having done it sooner. 

66-70%. I wonder how well it would work with a lower hydration. I think I'll try 58% next time.

I'd appreciate that feedback, it's my concern as well.
Hi folks,

I'm just getting started on my pizza making venture, so please forgive me if this stuff is common knowledge. I've got a Blue Steel Pan and a Scale en-route and am wanting to try a Brooklyn Style Sicilian pie (similar to L & B Spumoni Gardens) for my Maiden Voyage when they arrive.

I've narrowed down a dough recipe that I'll start out trying. But I'm having a bit of a problem figuring out a sauce recipe. Whenever I search the site it seems I always get a ton of info on the dough recipes (and understandably so), however, not so much in the way of sauce recipes for this type of pie.

From what I can gather most seem to use only tomato's, salt and oregano, and / or EVOO. I've seen where a few people say they give their sauce a quick cook etc., but not any specifics on amounts and such.

I'm sure there's probably plenty of info on the subject somewhere here that I can't find due to my lack of computer skills. Anyway, if anyone has any info or recipes on these style sauces that they'd care to share it would be greatly appreciated.

FWIW, I have a few cans of Cento Certified Whole Peeled SM's on hand that I was going to use (but not opposed to trying another brand). Also, the pan I have ordered is a Paderno World Cuisine Blue Steel 19 5/8 X 13 3/4. And the dough recipe I'm going to try has a TF = 0.16.

Appreciate any help you may have to offer.


General Pizza Making / Re: Using beer in your pizza dough
« Last post by Donjo911 on Today at 03:11:37 PM »
Thanks, gentlemen!
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