Author Topic: Advice on Opening Pizzeria in NYC ?  (Read 4587 times)

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Re: Advice on Opening Pizzeria in NYC ?
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Work in a Pizzeria for at least six months to a year.

This is the best advice ever.

Spend 6 months or more in someone else's kitchen, working every night, weekend and holiday.  Invest in some really good shoes, because you will be on your feet all day. If you still love it after 6 months, and in the heat of summer... maybe this really is your calling.

Even with A/C the kitchen gets hot. Your 24-hour antiperspirant deodorant will not save you. Your feet will ache. Those smells and odors will eventually become a part of you.   In the heat of the day, you may envy the dishwasher and fantasize about washing dishes just so you can feel the gentle overspray of the water hose rinsing off the dishes.

Should you venture forward - try to use other people's money.  Buy gently used equipment -- there is always a pizza place going out of business and restaurant equipment or even turn-key operations for sale.  

If you offer free delivery - lazy or busy people will order in for sheer convenience.  
Print take out menus in easy to order English - Just offer maybe 6 or 8 basic or standard pizzas. Offer at least one cheapskate or value priced pizza.

Too many items on a menu confuses customers and causes them to ask too many dumb questions, thus wasting valuable time.  Does the Hawaiian pizza have coconut on it or just pineapple and ham?  How much extra for the coconut?

If you have a great location -  good for you. If you have a great pizza -- people will come from miles, take the subway and or/bus just to get to you.

Even in a bad economy, people still need to eat.  Good luck.

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