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Gino's East and Bazbeaux in Indiana
« on: April 17, 2010, 11:53:38 AM »
Spent a few days in Indiana for work and fit in a few pizza's.
Gino's East in Mishawaka - Rating:  Don't bother.
I have never had the real Gino's from Chicago, but I cannot believe it is anything like what I got from this franchised or whatever location.  Dried out overly thick crust and the pie as a whole was bland to the point of nearly being tasteless including the sausage.  All the qualities one looks for texture and flavor wise in these pizzas was just not there.  Pretentious and overpriced to boot.  For those that know these pizzas, the franchised Uno's locations I have had blow this pie away which is saying something.     
Baxbeaux in Indy - Rating:  Interesting.
Thin/cracker style crust (a "thicker" is also available) and toppings centric with a huge list of choices and combination's some even might consider over the top.  Not a great pizza IMHO but the most enjoyable I have yet had in Indiana.  With all those toppings to build with something between familiar to bizarre but tasty can be had although it starts to leave the pizza category and enter the twilight zone of anything and everything you can imagine on a cracker pretty quick.  Had we tried a basic "pizza" I might be able to comment on the sauce and crust, but the toppings crazy pie the group decided on tended to bury those elements.  The downtown location is also in a happening part of town even on the weekday I was there which adds to the experience and the location itself is down to earth and comfortable.  Rated more or less as the best in Indy I would say it is worth the trip if one finds themselves in the area.