Author Topic: What gives NY Style Pizza its great taste?  (Read 2072 times)

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What gives NY Style Pizza its great taste?
« on: May 25, 2010, 01:18:18 PM »

I'm new around here. I'm from Syracuse, NY and I've grown up eating delicious NY Style Pizza. Now I live in Illinois and the only two "NY Style" Pizza joints in town don't succeed in much more than imitating the appearance of a NY Style Pizza. The taste of these places pizza is off and their pies are too dry. I miss the TASTE of NY Style Pizza. Why is it that Pizza in NY seems to taste so much better? I've heard people tell me it's the water. That just sounds unrealistic to me. I don't see how water could have that much effect on the taste of a pizza.

I don't own a restaurant or anything, I just want to make pizza at home and have it taste like NY Style.

Are there certain brands of sauce I should buy? Certain brands of cheese? Is there a certain spice combination that makes NY Style Pizza taste so great? I've tried a few different brands of sauces and even tried making my own sauce from a recipe on this site.

Anyways, I  guess I just want to know what is the trick to getting that NY taste.


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Re: What gives NY Style Pizza its great taste?
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2010, 10:45:57 AM »
it's a good question. i was hoping someone more knowledgeable would respond but since no one has yet, i might as well tell you what i have learned so far (i'm new here also, only been making pizza for a month).

in terms of sauce, the stanislaus tomato products are quite popular here. the full red, super dolce, saporito, etc. also, the escalon 6 in 1 brand. for the NY style from what i understand, you don't need to add a whole lot of anything and you don't need to cook the sauce before putting it on the pizza. so get some good quality oregano (i ordered some from thezaman, you can PM although i havent recieved it so i cant comment on the quality, wait til i get it and ill post impressions) and you should not need much else for the sauce, although some people do add other things like salt, oil, vinegar and parmasian cheese.

as for cheese, it seems a lot of people here say many NY pizzerias use grande cheese. i have been using that for the last week and it is definitely a lot better than most cheeses you can find in your average grocery store. some complain it is too rubbery but ive only found that to be the case with a long bake time. you can order both the cheese and the sauce at if you can't find it locally. try to order as much as you can one on order, because the shipping is expensive.

as for the crust, there are tons and tons of threads on here dealing with that, so just read. i don't have my own crust down very well, so i won't make any recommendations. most people will tell you to get a high quality baking stone though. i have the one from i hope that helps.

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Re: What gives NY Style Pizza its great taste?
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2010, 05:24:56 AM »
jimmy and nino's pittsburgh blend is 66% mozz 33% smoked provo and 1% white cheddar according to jimmy jimself.  used to use it for a cheese.  it's very high moisture in-bag and clumps badly, but is butter smooth.  packaged by f&a dairy.
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