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Re: Introduction and A Few Homemade Pizza Questions
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Sean, of the two times I went to Teixeira, the first was early in the morning (9:00) and there was only a young woman present.  The second time, it was around lunch and the same young woman was there, and, after a few minutes, the 'guys' came back from lunch. The woman was the only one that spoke English well, but it was the guys that offered to break out the saw and do a cut.

The woman was directing me toward a ivory colored stone, but I said I was looking for something 'traditional,' and she understood that, but I'm not certain she'd understand the phrase 'high talc.'  I don't know, maybe she might.

Even with a crappy phone, in daylight, digital cameras tend to be pretty color correct- it's the color that I really need in order to identify it. Another thing that might help is, as you open the front door, there's a small soapstone oven to your left.  It's a little dark colored, if I can recall, but that's the stone that you're looking for. 

Here's some photos of soapstones:

The BARROCA is what you want (without the mineral oil treatment that turns it black):

The remnants seem to have a lot of green stone (Rainforest?) and an ivory colored stone that doesn't appear on their collection page.  Avoid those.  The only colors you want are light gray and white.