Author Topic: Differences Neapolitan and New-Haven styles  (Read 5464 times)

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Re: Differences Neapolitan and New-Haven styles
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Yep..... Score one for Scotts deck ovens....

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Re: Differences Neapolitan and New-Haven styles
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Pepes in Manchester (where I live) makes a good pie to very good pie. The Pepperoni is awesome, it is all different sizes and shapes and they are generous with it. The cheese, it is sliced thicker than what I used to get at Pepe's in New Haven (the Spot and Frank Pepe). Now it seems as if it has a little too much cheese. The Clam pies can be great or oceans and deserts, so its a no go at this point for that.
 Pepes seems to be more customer friendly these days, but I remember hating going there because they would throw the pies at you. My last straw was juice sized glasses for buying a soda and not even shakers of cheese (little plastic tiny tiny half filled containers.) That was in the 90's, I think they learned.
I used to live on Thursday nights at Sallys and it is still great pizza, but the place looks like the health inspector needs to open his eyes. Also, the bathrooms, ughh. I love Sallys to, and it kinda hurts to say it.