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The Pizza as Conceptual Art
« on: December 12, 2010, 02:23:14 PM »
An enterprising conceptual sculptor recently exhibited a piece titled "Physical Pizza Networking Theory", which consisted of a pizza topped with miniature pizzas that was cut into sections and eaten by the spectators. Here is a link to a pic, along with the artist's remarks on the deeper theoretical significance of the work:

Personally, I think it works much better as an exposition of the neo-Platonic conception of the relationship between macrocosm and microcosm, or alternately of Pantheism (e.g. we are all miniature pizzas on some wider cosmic pizza, which comprises the Divine in whose image we are made) than it does as applied sociology.

In any case, whoever baked it obviously knows what he's doing, if not exactly what it's supposed to mean- but I get the feeling from that pic that the cornicone might have been kind of crunchy and hard. (I suspect it spent a long time in the oven, for obvious reasons).

But the idea of an art exhibit where you get to eat pizza as part of the artistic experience itself is undeniably awesome, allowing the spectator to feel very intellectually sophisticated and pig out the same time. The work thus goes some way towards trangressing the boundaries of, and deconstructing the opposition between, intellect and appetite, high and low culture (the idea of a pizza topped with other pizzas is about as lowbrow as they come, but also, as we have seen, pregnant with philosophical and spiritual meaning), reason and sensation, and sacred and profane.

I am really bored today.

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