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Re: Papa Gino's Recipe
« Reply #460 on: June 27, 2013, 06:27:14 PM »
Making Pizza
Papa Gino's Peter Gillespie prepping pizza during a photo shoot  at Hone Studio.
The same video was posted on Papa Gino's facebook page today.
I like the video because it is in slow motion and that Fresh Spinach & Veggie Pizza looks delicious to me.

I think I have to refresh myself on what I tried so far in a Papa Gino's attempt and try again.

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Re: Papa Gino's Recipe
« Reply #461 on: February 03, 2015, 07:24:44 PM »
Well, new guy here, and I joined to post my 'success' with this recipe.

I grew up eating Papa Gino's until my family relocated to Las Vegas when I was 14. I get visit MA every summer since the company I work for is HQ'd there. There have been some Boston style pizzerias here in Las Vegas, one was having the owner's father's pizzeria send over dough since the claimed the desert humidity was stopping them from getting the dough exactly the way they wanted.

My attempt was last minute idea on a low key Saturday evening and I decided to try and use pre-made dough from Fresh'n Easy (Southwest US chain). I actually got regularly dough and whole wheat dough to experiment with.

Cheeses: Mozzarella, Provolone, and Asiago
Sauce: 28oz can of tomatoes that I crushed myself (next time I will joke find a cash for pre-crushed) w/just under 3tbsp of Oregano and a few cracks from the pepper mill
The dough: The only difference between the store bought dough and the one listed was the addition of sugar, the whole wheat dough was another story but gave a try anyways.

Taste: Exactly like Papa Gino's, or at least what I remember from 6 months ago. The pre-made dough actually worked well, except for the whole wheat.

Notes: Have to use a lot of corn meal and I mean a lot for properly shaping and moving onto the pizza stone. Practice makes perfect.
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