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Re: Malty Laminated Beer Pizza
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Nice photos.  Good to see you are still in the game.  I made an RT clone this past weekend that came out great as always (no photos, though).

In your mention of the lack of oven spring, how much yeast did you use? 

I am wondering if the competition between your starter and the yeast might have had something to do with it.

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Re: Malty Laminated Beer Pizza
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I used 3g ADY which is just under 0.7% total formulation. I also made the regular recipe with the same yeast, so I know the yeast was good. I could tell in the fridge that the "experimental" dough was not getting puffy or fermenting well. I think perhaps the acidity of the sourdough starter killed or inhibited them. It didn't seem THAT sour, then again I used 200g in the formulation, which I think is a pretty high amount? Another aspect of the sourdough culture I made is I don't know how well the yeast fared in it. I meant I could have just been culturing lactobacillus. It would increase in volume after feeding, but no so much that it was 3 or 4 times the volume. It would just about double. Anyway, the Red Hook ESB is really something special. I can use it to replace the water 100%, add yeast directly to it, and it still grows fantastic.