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First try...a little help needed.
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:26:15 PM »
My first cracker crust attempt. I used the DKM recipe that Steve used in his post (5.8 oz.) water. Flour was GFS Primo Gusto High Gluten, bleached, bromated & enriched. Boars  Head whole milk mozzarella, Boars Head pre-cut pepperoni.

The dough looked just like Steve's but was very difficult to roll out. I could only get it down to about 1/8 inch thin. Should I use slightly more water in order to be able to roll it out thinner?

I started in a pan placed on stone in a 550* oven. The top was getting done a bit quicker so after 4 minutes I pulled it off of the pan and directly onto the stone for 2 more minutes.

As a thin crust pie it was perfectly acceptable and very good, I would just like to get it to the "cracker" stage. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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