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2-Part Question - Please Advise...
« on: March 04, 2011, 08:40:10 AM »
Hi all, thanks in advance for your wisdom.  So, I just got a new Bosch & retired my KA.  During my first round of dough, I allowed my dough to get quite warm during the knead after a 25 minute autolyse.  Now this morning my dough balls have risen considerably more than usual.  They aren't so big that they are absurd, at this stage they are reasonably sized, and no blowouts from bubbles.  Looks like my regular dough, but bigger.  What should I expect in terms of final crust characteristics?  This is a 4-ingredient 1/2 KAAP & 1/2 AllTrumps at 61.5% hydration, .35% IDY & 2% salt.  Hoping to use tomorrow for a 48 hour cold ferment.

2nd question.  I've reviewed the Bosch posts, but no specific formulations, speeds & knead times that have worked well.  Input?

Thanks're my Pizza Rocks.