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Re: NY Made With Bouncer Flour
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Great looking pie, Bill - I love the latest one.

I prefer a little more well done, on average, but sometimes a lighter cook can hit the spot.  Getting the smaller rim really gives a much more NY look.  I know when I want to get a rim that small, I have to get the sauce alllll the way to the edge when I'm dressing the pizza.  Then it still expands an inch or so during the cook.  Did you do the same there?


I also agree about the smaller rim being more NY style in appearance,and I tend to nail those easy with the Bread flour doughs.The Bouncer ones,the rims really want to explode at times.

Its fun to see how they turn out sometimes.That's what I enjoy about doing these at home,I can play around with rim sizes,flour types and hydrations and see what it turns out to be.Making the same thing every time would get boring.Keeping it changing helps me not get tired of it too.


I also prefer mine well done,but in this case,I took the pizza out a little early.The pie was for my kids and they don't like it "dark",as they call the char ,or well done like I do.

I tend to get the sauce as close to the rim as possible,but not all the way to the very edge.I do leave a little room between there.It is sometimes hard not to build a small rim,because I need a place to push the air bubbles to,or the entire pie will get bubbles everywhere.It has happened before.

I will try to put the sauce much closer to the edge next time and see how it turns out.
Also,I have never used a dough docker and wonder if that might help a little bit as well.I amy buy one just for fun and see what it does sometime down the road.