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Kettle Pizza - Out of the box
« on: July 07, 2014, 01:39:46 AM »
I'm new to the forum and have only seen postings related to the Kettle Pizza where the users have modified the unit.  I wanted to try mine out to see if I could get favorable results right out of the box or whether I would need to make modifications similar to what I've seen on this forum.  I'm using the Serious Eats KettlePizza Special Edition Kit - Includes Prograte, Tombstone, Baking Steel.  In my 2 bakes, I'm pretty pleased with the results.  I'm baking around the 650-800 degree range and I'm sure I could get the temps even hotter.  In fact, in all honesty I'm probably cooking more pies at the 600 range. 

Once my charcoal is started, I follow the directions of the unit and spread out the coals in a half moon shape around the back of the grill and place a good size log of oak in the back of the grill.  I then place the Prograte and Tombstone in place and there is a basket that hangs on the back rim of the Prograte that allows you to bring the wood fire up to the level of the Tombstone.  With the log in the back of the grill, the steel basket might tend to sit on top of the log and not as snuggly in place as you might think.  But that's OK. 

Once the Prograte and Tombstone is in place I pull up a few charcoals to place into the steel basket and then I place a few smaller pieces of oak on top or into the basket.  With the log in the back and the basket of oak in the back, this creates a lot of fire and heat directly hitting the Baking Steel on top for that much needed top-radiant heat.  I'm able to dome my pizzas and get that extra bit of bake on the top.

I used Craig's recipe and process for the most part, the first one is with fresh yeast and the second one is with my new bundle of joy... my baby Ischia.  I hit the outer crust with a brush of olive oil when I pull it out of the oven, so that is what is giving it a bit of a shine.

I would like to hear from folks as to what are some taste differences between pies cooked in the 600-800 range vs. the 900 range.  Still new, so any feedback is welcome.  Thanks.

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Re: Kettle Pizza - Out of the box
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2014, 10:23:17 AM »
Nice looking pies Mark. The main differences you will likely notice with a higher temp/faster bake are 1) a bit softer and more tender crumb, and 2) a bit more and darker leoparding and other charring. Of course, the downside is that proper heat balance will become more difficult.
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