Author Topic: Salute from the Oregon Coast - Mangia Mangia!  (Read 453 times)

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Salute from the Oregon Coast - Mangia Mangia!
« on: May 20, 2011, 02:45:40 AM »
My name is Bruce Birt, otherwise known as a Pizza Pirate here in Newport Oregon. I love this website and forum participation!!!!!

A few years ago, my wife showed me an article about Pizza Napoletana in her La Cucina Italiana Magazine. It was a moment that forever changed our lives. While I had a love of pizza before, the photos of the wood fired pizzas were a thing of Italian Beauty. From that day forth, I have put my personal passion into making the best homemade pizza.

My wife and I have been cooking together for over twenty years and we recently started a personal chef business here to share our goodies with others around the table. As part of this change, my wife spent seven months in culinary school attending the Italian Culinary Academy in New York and Parma Italy. She spent five months in Italy learning about the twenty regions of Italian Food and Wine, and best of all, enjoying their passion for food around the table.

What is so great about this forum is the willingness to share experiences, ideas, recipes and even successes and failures. While the world is inudated with lots of pizza, artisanal pizza of high quality is hard to find. But I sense a revival is coming back and that artisanal pizza is becoming more important and something to beholden, just like the Neopolitans cherish their own Pizza Napoletana.

I feel that making pizza is more than just combining some dough, sauce, cheese and toppings. I feel that making high quality pizza requires thinking of the pizza making process in a layered approach and focusing your culinary efforts at each layer. If you apply your best efforts at all layers, the dough recipe, the type of sauce, the quality of cheeses used, the freshness and quality of the toppings, and the other fine details like the olive oil and sea salt used, one can create a food experience that is simply fantastico! So I have been devoting my free time to learning about all these aspects and I would love to share any information that I uncover in my pizza quest.

Food not only nourishes one's body, but it also seems to satisfy one's soul. I have found that pizza is a truly remarkable food and that so many people connect to it.  Delicious pizza and good friends gathered around, there is nothing finer. Enjoy every slice as it is truly a gift. Buon Appetito!!

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Re: Salute from the Oregon Coast - Mangia Mangia!
« Reply #1 on: May 20, 2011, 06:56:52 AM »
I enjoyed reading your first post.   Welcome to the forum Pirate.