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My name is Craig.
   I'm new to Pizza but not so much new to pizza.  I once managed the Michigan State University area Domino's Pizza where I met my wife back in 1985.  I then moved on to Pizza Hut for a few years.  My experience with both taught me that national chain pizza was dumbed down to the lowest common palette.  After spending ten years away from the business,  my kids youth group needed new ideas for fund raising and I volunteered to do a pizza buffet.  Several successful events later I started hearing "you should start your own pizza shop" from quite a few people.  Now I find myself without a job in this economic downturn and have been thinking I might just do it.  I'm currently located between Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids Michigan. I'm leaning toward operating a mobile food truck with a deck oven and/or catering with a wood-fired oven.  Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.