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« on: June 06, 2011, 10:45:20 PM »
Hi.  My name is Barry.  I live in eastern rural Indiana.  I am a reasonably adept home cook with no formal training, but a particular love for Italian cuisine.  I never made pizza at home until fairly recently.  In 2008, my wife and I went to Italy for our 20th Anniversary.  While there, I experienced a number of epiphanies, but the most significant was my intense and ongoing obsession to reproduce as closely as possible the amazing variety and quality of pizza that we enjoyed in Rome and Florence. 

From that time until now, I have been experimenting non-stop with dough, sauce, toppings, etc.  And I'm making a decent pizza pie these days, usually 2-3 times per week.  I also bake bread several times a week.

My hope is that I will learn more about how to make better pizza.  It is my belief that pizza really is the perfect food.

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Re: Greetings
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Welcome Barry! Google Aurelio's and you may find some locations near you. That's a good place to start for eating out. As for making your own, there is no better place to be than here.