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Hi to all from the UK
« on: June 12, 2011, 12:55:18 PM »
Hi to everyone. My name is Angus and I run a catering trailer on a busy market in the centre of England. I have installed a wood burning oven in the trailer and trade on 3 days a week to local trade and continual tourist trade. Trade is pretty good (unless it rains!). I have joined the forum to gather advice and the experiences of you professional pie producers out there!
Recently, I have a concern over wood smoke. After a busy Saturday trading I am feeling a little wiped out by the end of the day and welcoming glass of 'red' when I get home, eases the anxiety of the day. I'm not sure if its been the headache of the constant attention to getting the pizza out to the customer on time, or is it the harmful health issues of wood smoke? I read from many sites that wood smoke is as damaging as smoking cigarettes! I am burning English Oak in the oven at the moment, but have been using a South African hardwood, my supplier imports, which he says is called "giraffe thorn", or "Kameeldooring". A colleague of mine, who works in wood, making lamp stands and turned wooden artefacts. He says that many foreign woods give a greater chance of Cancer! I'm getting concerns now, and wondered if anyone out there has had similar concerns or indeed, has contracted any illnesses which they think may be caused by wood smoke?
Great to be part of this forum and look forward to sharing experiences.
Regards to all.... Angus.