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Hello Everyone!
« on: June 16, 2011, 03:25:05 AM »
Well,  to begin; Richard Fernandez. I've been running an Italian restaurant for 12 years in beautiful Flagstaff Arizona.

I've recently opened up a Wood Fired Pizzeria called pizzaFuriosa.

My oven was designed and built by a local mason, Kevin Ragaller.

I have 4 kids and a wife who all work with me in the business.

We serve, salads, panini, baked pasta, gnocchi, ravioli and of course, wood fired pizza. All made from scratch always.

I'm a fan of crispy crust, with airy almost waxy ciabatta-like crumb, not too thin, chewy and tender base and fresh or handcrafted/artisan toppings.

My current dough recipe is HG flour (switching to 00 Caputo) 100%, H2O 65% and Dry active yeast 1.5% (switching to fresh yeast), 5-7 minute knead, rest at room temp overnight then portion in the morn and serve starting at 11am.

Recently switched to an uncooked sauce of canned Italian, not SM tomatoes, salt and a bit of garlic sauteed in olive oil.

At the moment I'm still working on achieving my perfect dough/crust. Suggestions are welcome.

Altitude, 7000ft and arid climate, 21% to 40% relative humidity are factors to contend with.

Thanks for reading my intro, hope to hear from you soon.


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