Author Topic: Making Neo-Neopolitan in a "Deck" oven?  (Read 5976 times)

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Re: Making Neo-Neopolitan in a "Deck" oven?
« Reply #20 on: May 24, 2011, 11:02:26 PM »
Norma, I know someone chimed in that some Baker's Pride electrics go to 800, but what does yours max out at. I saw the pics of your pies at 670-700. Is that the max- 700?

By the way, I grew up in Harrisburg- probably not far from your market. Just a tid bit.

pie eye,

I donít know what my Bakerís Pride oven maxes out at.  I never tried to turn it the whole way up.  I canít really experiment with too high of temperatures while I am at market, because I need to keep making pies all day.  On non market days I could experiment more (with higher bake temperatures), but then I wouldnít have someone to help eat all those pies.  I canít just throw a pizza party on non market days.  One of these days I will experiment to see how high my deck oven temperatures do get.

Harrisburg is only about a half an hour from market. 

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