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A Plea For Help!
« on: July 02, 2015, 06:01:52 PM »

I stumbled upon this great site a couple months ago. In that time I have learned a ton about pizza. However, I have never been truly satisfied with the dough I've put out. I've tried different things but it always just seems to come out a little bland, and a little tough. The following recipe is what I'm currently using with a 2 day cold ferment:

KABF 100%
Water 59%
IDY .40%
Salt 1.75%
Sugar 1.5%

Using a KitchenAid, add water (approx. 65 degrees) to bowl and dissolve in the salt/sugar. In a separate bowl stir the IDY into flour, and then slowly add the flour into the bowl. Once all the flour is in I add the EVOO. Mix until everything comes together and then ball. Refrigerate for 2 days. Dough is taken out an hour before baking at 525 (oven's max). Baking on a stone that is preheated for an hour.

I have tried playing with a lot of variables but the result is always about the same. My dough looks great, but just doesn't have much flavor. The inside is light, but the outside crust is very tough, it's actually hard to cut through. By the time I'm done eating my jaw is sore! Here are the variables I've played with, changing only one ingredient each batch:

Hydration: Varying from 55-63%
Oil: 1-4%, or none at all
Fermentation: Varying from 2-5 days
Different salt/sugar levels
Mixing time

The only consistencies in my experiments are the same flour (King Arthur Bread Flour), and the same bag of yeast (Fleischmann's Instant Dry Yeast). Could the lack of flavor be due to the yeast? Could the texture be due to not mixing long enough? I started reducing my mix time when I read on here that the windowpane test is unnecessary for multi-day cold fermentations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: A Plea For Help!
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You didn't say for how long your mixing?  If your fermenting that long than mixing time in a KA with dough hook should be on speed 2  and 3 to max 5 minutes on time?  I bring together with my hand. let sit 15 minutes than mix about 3 minutes ball and ferment 2 days at 42F

Oil adds flavor and 2 to 4% is correct for me but if oil is 2% than the best Hydration level for me at about 58%.  I add the oil after the 15 minute rest.

You didn't say what kind of pizza your making? KABF works best with thinner crust pizza.
If your making thicker crust KAAP better.

Cooking profile departs flavor by browning the crust so hopefully you are cooking long enough to brown the crust and the profile of stone and placement is such that the toppings are not over cooked?

I like adding 2% garlic power to the flour adds flavor.

IDY level seem correct and your not complaining about handling?  Over your fermentation time the dough should double in size? That would  confirm you started with the correct amount of yeast and your handling and fermentation is correct?

From your your first balling until push out of the skin there should no handling of the dough?
Hopefully something I have said re sparks your efforts
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