Author Topic: Suggestions for making multiple Neapolitan pizzas for a party on Blackstone  (Read 255 times)

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I am going to be hosting my daughter's graduation party and among the catered foods, I would like to offer the guests Neapolitan pizza done on my Blackstone.  The problem is my available time will be minimal as I will be greeting guests and doing other host things. 

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can prep the dough such that I can crank them out in rapid succession with minimal time?  Thinking outside the normal work flow, I was thinking to maybe form and freeze the dough the night before so then a helper could put sauce and cheese on the frozen crust and then they could put them in the Blackstone even if I'm not around. 

I know none of this is optimal, but I am trying to think of how to put out maybe 10-15 in the background of hosting a party, with the aid of a helper.  Maybe there is something else that I haven't considered. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Tough one. Any way you can feature the pizza making portion and give an edible demonstration? Or is there perhaps someone on this forum that lives near you? Someone who you can recruit to make pizzas (or, turning this around somebody who could act as the host on your behalf while you make pizzas)?

I'm facing my first ever 10-12 pizza event this weekend and I am pretty nervous myself:-)

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I just did something similar for my son's graduation party a couple weeks ago where I made 53 pizzas over a 4 hour period.  I had a full time helper preparing the pizzas and I did the cooking in my WFO.  I would say I was 98% pizza cooker and 2% host.  I would say it is really difficult to do both unless the "arrival rate" of pizza requests is fairly slow and spread out evenly. 

The really dangerous part is when you try to multi-task and converse with a guest and it slips your mind that you have a pizza in the oven.

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Done this many times....not 54 pizzas but 12 to 14.

Greet your guests and let them know pizzas will be ready shortly. 30 minutes after the party starts I start cooking.
First off, you need a table set up next to your BS with everything oin it.  Then you need a helper to dress the pizzas and cut/serve them.
I open and stretch the doughs and bakes the pizzas, 2 peels are very handy for this.
For parties I make larger pies, usually 14" to 15".  You make fewer pies and this way your guests are fuller.
14 larger pizzas will feed up to 40 guests and take about an hour to make.

I have done a party with 11" pies, but it feeds less people 14 pies about 28 people and they take just as long to cook.

I have premade pies, dressed them and everything ahead of time and refrigerated them.  I put them on parchment paper so they wouldn't stick, but you have to cook them in your home oven. The BS will burn the paper and it will stick to your pies.  You also have to brush the crusts with oil so they don't dry out.

I would like to know how others handle parties.  Curious to see if this process can be improved.

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 i have a mobile oven business and we  pre-bake 10 to 15 pies about 15 minutes before the event starts i set them on pizza screens and stack them on a pizza tree. then the pizzas are removed from the screes and finished in the oven. not ideal but if you are serving 150 people buffet style you have to get the first run of pies out quickly. after that the makers and cook can keep up. I'm sure your guests will love your pizza. you will be the only one that will know the difference.unless you have some quests at your party :-D
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You can definitely pre-stretch your doughs. Mark Iacono does this at Lucali, and his pizzas are great. Looks like he stretches them to full size, then stacks them, well-floured I'd imagine.

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I have never done a big party, maybe 10-12 people at most.
I prefer each guest getting their own made to order pie. You just have to explain to everyone to relax and have a drink your pie will be worth the wait.
I have tried cranking them out in slices and with 10+ people they go faster than you can make em  so no one really gets to sit down and eat.
It turns into a tasting party instead of truly eating a pizza. As far as workflow, if you have all ingredients cut and ready you can pull it off. I can easily stretch and top a pizza in the time one is cooking. Get a helper to watch pies in the BS as you get the next ready.
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