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Hi Folks,

I found this site about a year ago. I've been making homemade pizza in my home oven since I was a kid, but I consider myself a novice when compared to all of you. The amount of knowledge and the willingness to share blows me away! I hope one day I will be able to make meaningful contributions here as you all do. 

I discovered the LBE here. This has allowed me to grow to the next level. I've been hosting pizza parties for family and friends (up to 25 - 30 people sometimes) each Saturday for almost a year. I also take the LBE show on the road. I didn't realize how deep my passion for making pizza ran. I truly look forward to the weekly pizza parties (all freebies)... but the feedback has been priceless.

The great feedback and the research I've done on this site inspired me to take the next step. For me, that would be to start catering private events and doing small street fairs.

I realize the LBE or my homemade work table isn't going to cut it. So first thing first - I need a Mobile WFO. I like the WFO John from Flirting with Fire uses, but I wasn't sure I was ready to make that commitment. My thought process was to find a cheaper option to get through the learning curve, but handle the smaller venues. I saw great reviews on the pizza party oven, but after thinking about it a bit I don't think that is the best option. Maybe a used wood fired trailer would be the way to go...

I use a simple dough recipe:
AP Four
70% hydration
2% Sea salt
.08% IDY
12-14hour RT Bulk ferment
Ball 240g
Refrigerate at least 6 hours, but I usually go 24 - 36 hours depending on my timeline.
I push out the dough cold. I've been experimenting with letting it warm up a bit too.

I plan to manage the dough and cold items using coolers or getting a refrigerated work station.

I realize there are many other things to consider - Permits/ Licenses/insurance/board of health - among other things, but I think the need for an oven, and dough management are the immediate challenges.

I hope to purchase an oven before the spring, spend a few months getting familiar with using it, then market my services by the summer or the fall.

I'm reaching out to all you experts for feedback, suggestions, other challenges :)