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New Member Introduction
« on: July 04, 2011, 03:36:43 PM »
My nickname is Pyeman.  I live in Tennessee.  I have been making homemade pizza since I was a kid.  Many years ago (too long ago to mention), my mom bought me those Chef-Boy-R-Dee pizza kits so I could experiment with making my own pizza at home.  As an adult, I got more serious about baking homemade breads and pizza doughs.  I have experimented with various modified versions of Jeff Varasano's recipe that I made with baker's yeast and cooked on a Big Green Egg (with decent results).  A few weeks ago I ordered Ed Wood's Italian cultures and I have now entered the entirely new world of baking with sourdough cultures.  Though I have been baking for a while, I realize that I have a lot to learn about using sourdough starter.  I ordered Ed Wood's book with my culture, but he told me that it is out of print and he will send the new edition when it becomes available in a few weeks.  After activating the Ischia Island culture, I attempted to make Jeff's recipe with sourdough starter.  I used a digital scale and followed the recipe to the letter (I did not add the optional baker's yeast).  My effort was pretty much a failure.  In my second attempt, I used Ed Wood's recipe that came with my starter and that was also pretty much a failure.  In both cases, the dough looked and felt nice after kneading, but after rising, it was too sticky and fell apart when I tried to shape it into a pie.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.