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Hello all,

 So there, I did it - I joined the forum.

Got my first job making pizzas at Papa John's when I was 16. Immediately I began to not only enjoyed the atmosphere of employment at a pizza joint, but I liked the fast paced busy rush and the stress. I got used to it and started only working about 20 hours a week after my initial training, then I learned how to slap dough and toss it in the air; I fell in love with pizza.

Must be the Italian coming out in me via my Ma, but I had a bad habit of wanting everyone to try the pies I personally had made - to me, if my friends weren't eating, they weren't having a good time.

I worked there for about 2 years and was accepted to a University, where I eventually got a job at their local Papa John's and transferred in. I started at this store just as a basic in-store until one night we were short all delivery driver's and it was slow........things were about to change. I drove that 98' Malibu around town like I was a fish swimming in water - I was quick, and my managers loved it.

Before long, I was head-delivery driver and closing the store alone 5 nights a week. The General manager was so impressed, a second driver or an in-store employee weren't needed so he looked great to the District manager as labor was at an all time low and sales were going through the roof. If things got busy, I would just jump on the make line, answer the phone, or grab the cut table.

I listen to music; I do not watch TV. With that being said, delivering pizzas was a job in heaven for me as all I would do is drive around and crank the stereo...........and how the cash flowed in.

Money (CASH) was one perk of the job, fame was another as everyone knew who I was and where I worked, and last was the fact that I never went hungry in school unlike other students.

I remember saying to my parents and my good friends "If I were young for the rest of my life, I would deliver pizzas." I loved that job, I loved college (I loved pizza and beer)

Unfortunately, and after 5 years, I graduated and had to leave my beloved job behind in that college town. How I wish I could make a $50,000.00 a year living delivering pizzas, but not at $7.50 an hour I'm afraid.

After college I landed a job rather quickly. It was a Sales job, and it wasn't for me. Here I am unemployed now because I didn't make quota and I got to thinking.......

       Hey, ya know what I should do?

So here I am, about to throw all my eggs into one basket. I want to open a pizza place and after 10 it will be a bar.

I have a ton of questions, and I hope you can help me answer them!

Thanks all and glad to be a member!

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