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I'm in love with pizza
« on: July 18, 2011, 01:42:33 PM »
Hi everyone.  I've read quite a few of the forums here & have tried a few of the recipes.  My favorite so far is the thread of members attempting to make a clone of Round Table pizza & Sauce.  Using tips & recipes listed in that thread, I had made my first pizza from scratch & it was AMAZING!  :pizza: mmmmmm

Funny story...  I once dated a guy in college who worked at my favorite local pizza joint (Toppers, for you southern california residents).   He would bring pizza's home & we always got them for 1/2 off the price since he was an employee.  I would have pizza & salad several times a week & to this day, that is the only thing I miss about that relationship. hahah.

Anyways, hoping to learn more & save money by making quality pizzas every time from home.  (I'd eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could....but my husband and kids will only tolerate a few times a week)  :chef: