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Well Hello one and All!
« on: July 20, 2011, 11:38:48 PM »
Well where to start...

My name is Jason and I live in Atlanta, Ga....married for 10 years and have three kids all under the age of 8, a dog, and 2 small frogs.

Why am I here??  Well...I LOVE PIZZA.  I have enjoyed eating it my entire life!  I have worked for 20+ years in the restaurant industry, with around 16 of those years in Italian Restaurants.  I have a passion for food, and I have been blessed in my career.  I have had the opportunity to learn from the Carrabba family directly (before Carrabba's went nationwide)...I have had the opportunity to spend 6 months training with Roy Yamaguchi in Hawaii....On my honeymoon I spent time learning the cuisine of Bali (4 am wake up call...sigh)...the bottom line is I love food...It is my life.

At this point in life I have found the desire to learn everything there is about pizza!  Well...really....about dough.  "Follow the dough" is something I like to if you want a great pie, you must follow the dough...from inception to the table....the dough is everything. 

But...I find that my knowledge of the dough has here I gentle :)