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noob pizza maker, veteran taster
« on: July 28, 2011, 06:58:08 PM »
 :chef:  hello all!! i have recently begun making my own pizzas at home & have tried a variety of doughs, sauces & combinations; however, i cannot seem to get anywhere near my absolute favorite pizza of all time... VINCENT"S PIZZA PARK in the burgh.. (excuse the caps, just expressing my adoration). 

i grew up eating there on special occasions, after concerts, or even just a family dinner on the weekends... unfortunately, i now live in atlanta & haven't been able to get home in over 5 years, thus i have the craving of a lifetime (not only for the indescribable flavor but for nostalgia purposes also).  :o

if anyone has any suggestions/tips or recipies close to theirs i would be forever grateful & would eternally keep my lips sealed :-X