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Displaced in NC
« on: July 29, 2011, 09:27:02 AM »
My name is Mike. I grew up around Chicago (Go Cubs! Go Bears!) and now live in the Sandhills of NC. The only decent pizza joint is 45 minutes away and it is New York style! Noooo!!! JK, love NY style too its just not home. So its do or die. Of hunger for great pizza, that is.

I have been making my own pizza, without direction, for probably 10 years and I feel its time to buckle down on technique. I love Chi-town squares, but still enjoy my occasional deep dish. Nothing beats the face of southern gents and belles when they expect pizza and see a meal fit for the entire 82nd Airborne.... "That's a pizza?!?" Even though I can't get the biscuit crust down perfect, they die for it. It tastes good, just not flaky. You would have to be from Windy City to really know. I just wish my cheese didn't come from Virginia; again, nothing wrong with it, its just not WI cheese. I need to set up shop here!

Thanks to everyone in advance for the expertise.