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Howdy Again
« on: August 17, 2011, 04:36:35 PM »
Howdy again
I hit the wrong button and posted before I finished my introduction!
My name is RennieM.  I am a newly retired foodie who finely has some extra time to spend learning new stuff.  I am married to a cool, truck loving guy named Dave.  We live in Oregon just a few miles out from Portland.  Dave is a pizza fanatic who still doubts I can make a pizza at home that equals his favorite Godfathers beef and onion.  I would so like to prove him wrong.

I am just starting to learn to make pasta using an Atlas pasta machine.  I ran out of white flour today right in the middle of making dough and googled to see if I could use a different type of flour.  I linked to this site and sooooo glad I did.  I can use kyrol flour to finish the batch, and now I have the perfect site to go back to to get lots of new ideas.