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Found the holy grail - this Forum
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Hello there from Germany!
My name is Timo, living near Stuttgart and my fetish is Pizza. I remember spend skiing vacation long time ago in Italy with my parents. One evening we have been eating Pizza in some restaurant with a WFO, that Pizza was amazing! I never got such great Pizza again, most time im trying out some new restaurant the Pizza is a disappointment in taste and/or texture.

At some point i decided start making own Pizza. Half a year ago i bought a Bestron Alfredo DLD9070 and did some tuning to it to reach the goal of my personal perfect Pizza. Soon i realized making Pizza dough is a mastery in itself so i have two major steps to take at the moment:
- Geting better with my dough - goal is Neapolitan style
- Choose a new electric oven (my current one tend to raise the Pizza rim - looks like the heatspread is a problem)


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Re: Found the holy grail - this Forum
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You came to the right place, welcome.

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Re: Found the holy grail - this Forum
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Timo, welcome. Are you sure that it is your oven that is causing the rim, cornice, of your pie to be unacceptable? Seems like a big expense , if that is the only fault, real or perceived.  Can you send a picture of your pie with a cornice as you described? If you want the cornice to be flatter there are probably less costly ways of achieving that.
Thanks for dropping by.

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