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Newbie Pizza maker and made a mess!!
« on: August 29, 2011, 12:12:25 AM »
Hi all, my user name is Sheilap and am just getting into making pizzas from scratch.  My husband and I retired 9 years ago and hit the road via an RV.  While travelling we ate our way through the entire USA eating pizza and have experienced the best and worst!  Recently bought a home and wanted to try making pizza on the gas Bar-b-que with a new ceramic pizza stone from Williams-Sonoma.  It really didn't come with instructions and I didn't realize I was supposed to "season" it until it was too late.  I washed it with water, covered it with Olive Oil and put it on the grill, which was cold.  Heated it up to 500 degrees, put some corn meal on the tile and put the pizza on.  Then set the timer for 10 minutes (according to the recipe).  When I checked it, it was burned to a crisp.  But even worse, I think I've ruined my new ceramic stone.  It is blacker than coal and can't be scrubbed out.  Any suggestions or have I simply trashed this stone and have to buy a new one?????