Author Topic: can anyone help me find cheese or escalon/stanislaus prodcuts in richmond va?  (Read 916 times)

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Im visiting friends on wednesday and they were hoping I could make pizza.     Im trying to source poly o in the 6lb loaves and any escalon/stanislaus products, but grande or other good cheeses would be great too.   Anything on the way to, or near nags head would be another possible stop.    THX!!!

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I think the last time I got 6 in 1 tomatoes, it was at Kroger.  I can't remember for sure which one, I go to both the one in Short Pump and the one near Sam's Club on West Broad.  I'm thinking they both have them.

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You're about 100 mi from Restaurant Depot in Norfolk I know they have some of your stuff, at least the 6 in 1. If an option give them a call first.

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