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Hi Everyone,  I am interested in what ingredients were used in the 1950's Pizzas . You may remember the Pizzerias had a distinct smell &   flavor. This old time smell & taste has dissapeared with the introduction of the frozen pizza. I have been making recipes from my Grandmothers & even my Greatgrandmothers,(not pizzas). I show my kids spouses and their kids the food I & the kids ate. I just finished the last batch of 10 day sweet pickles.  My kids grew up eatting these passed down foods & love them.   I love to cook even though I am a single household. But thanks to my kids & grandkids, all gets eaten. I have been passing on my recipes from my ancestors to my daughter & daughter in laws so they may someday pass them on  Yea, sometimes it is difficult  because some recipes call for a pinch or dab or even butter the size of an egg . I even have one the takes three shakes of the salt shaker. so I had to make sure we all had this same salt shaker.  Oh the things we do for When ever we go to a pizzeria I tell them about the pizzas in my teen years & I will be having a class reunion soon & we would like to serve pizzas like we ate after the movie which was right across the street. I just can't find a pizza recipe to suit.So I am asking if anyone knows what ingredient or cheese made this smell & flavor.