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No offense, Robyn, but I completely disagree.  Especially in Nick's case.  I think, right now, Nick knows more about pizza than Tony does.  Tony knows a heck of a lot about throwing dough, and, if someone were interested in throwing, Tony would be THE guy to train with, but for pizza making, perhaps the school would be good for a beginner, but not for a successful pizzeria owner in the tri state area.

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Wow...thank you Scott......................but I must admit..............i know LESS than 90% of the people on this site.......See, I can MAKE pizza, albeit I want to improve it greatly.....but people on HERE know WHY this does this or that.....and while I know a little about the science, the people on here are ........UNBELIEVABLE.  I NEED to catch learn.....and I know my constant questions can be annoying.  I wish I could trade off knowledge..

Like if people let me bug them about pizza, I will answer ANY questions about the BUSINESS of the process changes when you take it out of your home and put it into a commercial environment .  That way I don't feel like such a taker.

Scott, do you think it would be ...uhm....I don't know the word.....WRONG, or POMPOUS to start a thread about THE PIZZA BUSINESS A TO I can HELP someone who is thinking about it by telling them my story....IN EXCHANGE for a mindnumbing amount of questions from ME?  I mean, you've been so patient with me...WFO or deck, NY style, NH style, now Im reading on Pizzarium all interests me.   ANd I feel Im making a pest out of I only have my experience to trade.

Oh, and that bums me out about the SF school, I actually would have liked to go......So I guess Goodfellas school is out too, huh?  How about a baking class at the french culinary school in NY or Cia?  They have mini courses, think that would help me with the science of pizza, even though I've seen you write that the two are different??