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Recently obsessed
« on: September 18, 2011, 09:23:32 AM »
Hi all, I'm new to this forum - I recently became obsessed with Napoli style pizza, and spent my evenings in NYC this summer hunting down my favorites.  I want that crispy crust - the one where when you hear it being sliced makes your mouth water.  I don't like a salty crust, or salty sauce (though somewhat sweet is nice), and not too much cheese, either.  Please don't burn the basil on my margharita - either soak it in water before you top it, or drizzle olive oil to protect that oh so delicate taste.  Fresh garlic is always appreciated. I have tried many in NYC this summer that did not live up to the hype, though I must say the ones that truly stood out were MOTORINO's and a wonderful gem, where even the music and vibe of matches the quality of the pizza - PAULIE GEE'S.  I have found what I'm looking for!

I'm trying out some new dough recipies and am interested in doing more egg-pizzas for brunch.  I'll upload some pictures if anything turns out extra special :)