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New Member, DSM, IA
« on: September 20, 2011, 01:56:23 PM »
Hello and Good DAY!  I live in DSM, IA...  This is home.  When I got out of the US Army in 1983, I lived in LACEY WA.  I went to work for Jack and Bonnie Troupe.  They had a place called THE PIZZA PLACE.  FRICKEN AWESOME PIZZA.  I have yet to find anything that is like it.  I consider myself a PIZZA MASTER, as, I was an all around worker there, made dough, prep work, rolled dough (rondo roller), pizza maker, pizza cooker.  LOVE PIZZA  The motto there was "There is no place, Like this place, SO, DIS must be the place".  I am going to try the thin crust I found on this sight to see what happens.  PEACE YA'LL!