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Why Kokkie Blonder
« on: September 24, 2011, 11:27:25 AM »
Up to eight years ago my culinary experience consisted of eating other peoples creations, most notable my husband who is a great cook. Growing up in the Netherlands, I did develop a taste for Indonesian cuisine. Indonesian is more popular than Chinese. When I went of to college in the US ( I am still here 34 years later), I quickly learned that there were very few places to enjoy Indonesian food. So eight years I took the plunge and started looking for resources to make my own Indonesian dishes, which out any cooking experience mind you. After I found my favorite resource Kokkie Blanda and created a few near disasters, my husband came up the my nick name Kokkie Blonder  :chef:. Kokkie is Dutch/Indonesian slang of a cook and well I am a blond and still do blond things in the kitchen.

Now I have started something new Pizza, more specifically grilled pizza. I do hope to share some Indonesian ideas in pizza making. so stay tuned.

Jan (Dutch for John) aka Kokkie Blonder

p.s. this would world a much better place if we would all share a meal together while the TV is off