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sourdough revisited
« on: October 09, 2011, 10:39:31 PM »
about two weeks ago, i had an idea.  it was of something stewing around in my head for quite some number of months.

why not use my pizza stretch media for a starter?  it already has fantastic taste and performance.

FYI for those unaware to my current (for about 3-4mos) and looks like my #1 stretch medium, it's:

1/2c scooped and shaken (each) of bread flour, and whole wheat flour.   the good stuff with the coarse bits and the super fine powdered sugar bit.

to this, i add 1/8c to 1/4c of cornmeal, average grind.   depends on what i'm making dough-wise.

now, with all that use (about 100-120 pizzas over 3.5mos), i've been saving and adding to my stretch medium like a sourdough starter.  it has a fantastic flavor to the dough, a whole wheat taste without the whole wheat hassle.   and excellent pan release due to cornmeal and rough ground wheat, and excellent absorption from the bread flour and finely ground wheat flour.

my starter, was simple.   1qt chinese soup-to-go container.   add 2" of water, 1tsp of hand-squeezed lemon juice, 1/8tsp of sugar in the raw, and right around .2g of fleichmans IDY.   i stirred this up and let it sit for about 5mins, no yeast activity.   just what i wanted.   i added enough "pl3xstretch™" to give it a almost thin pancake batter, and let it sit on the counter for a day.

next day, activity.   did not discard anything, very pleasant smell.   added another 1.5" of water, and pl3xstretch™, let sit.    about 4-5 hours later, about 67º in the kitchen, activity.   another hour later, doubled.    discard a little over half, split between two containers, add about 2.25" water, pl3xstretch™, and 1tsp lemon juice.  first sign of activity, into the fridge it went.  this way i can alternate one starter every 3-4 days and reduce my starter discard waste.

i made pizza today with it, after sitting for 2wks, fed and discarded, in the fridge.  by far the BEST, highest developed gluten dough i have EVER made.  FANTASTIC oven spring (that of bouncer flour).  gluten in the starter was like clumps of pasta stuck together.   starter was thick, like rivvel (eastern european noodle dough, thick pancake batter consistency spooned into boiling water until cooked).   it rose just fine in the fridge, on par with ADY/IDY dough.    very soft, poly batting soft.   super easy to stretch.   very elastic, but not rebound elastic.   i will post pictures tomorrow of the pizza, i didn't take any today (couldn't find my phone).
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